Conventional and sophisticated testing equipment with excellent technical expertise is available to characterise APIs, excipients and drug products by compendial, non-compendial, in-house and customer-supplied methods*:

  • Drug Release Studies
    • USP dissolution testing (I, II, IV)
    • Franz diffusion cells
  • Drug Solubility Characterisation
    • pH-dependent (Sirius Inform)
    • Temperature-dependent (Crystal 16)
  • Chemical Analysis
    • Spectroscopy (AA, UV-VIS, FTIR)
    • Liquid chromatography (HPLC, GPC)
    • pH, conductivity, optical rotation
    • SDS-PAGE / IEF
  • Solid State Characterisation
    • X-ray diffractometry
    • Thermal analysis (DSC, TGA)
    • Dynamic vapour sorption (DVS)
  • Powder testing
    • Particle size (LD, PCS, Coulter counter)
    • Powder rheometry
    • N2-Pycnometry
    • LOD, Karl Fischer
  • Mechanical property analysis (Instron, Texture analyzer)
  • Rheology / Torque rheometry
  • Surface tension / Contact angle
  • Optical microscopy with image and video analysis (light, polarized, hot-/freeze-drying stage)
  • Scanning electron microscopy with EDX
  • Stability testing chambers (T, RH, light)

*Equipment list upon request available