• A long experience in the development of challenging drug substances into oral and parenteral dosage forms together with well equipped facilities enables Pensatech Pharma to deliver projects rapidly and with high flexibility to customers’ specific needs.
  • Our deep scientific understanding of APIs, excipients, formulation science and manufacturing processes enables us to deliver creative solutions to overcome formulation challenges and turn ideas into robust innovative products.

  • Our strengths include:
  • Deep scientific understanding and broad expertise with creative problem solving across a wide range of different drug delivery technologies
  • Predictions of dosage form performance based on experience and internal data sets
  • Competence and experience in industrial drug development within a Quality-by-Design framework
  • Rapid experimentation using only small amounts of drug (Selecting the right experiments at the right – miniaturized – scale)
  • Flexible, responsive and rapid development with dedicated project management
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Network of experts and partners across the pharmaceutical industry and academia