Formulation & Process services

DDS technology selection

  • Rationale selection of dosage form, formulation and processes based on expertise in drug delivery and biopharmaceutics
  • Defining target release profile based on PK analysis
  • Risk-based approach to decision making within a Quality-by-Design framework

Modified release systems

  • Extended release drug delivery systems
    • Multiparticulates (granules, pellets)
    • Minitablets
    • Single unit tablets
    • Osmotic tablets
    • Matrix and coated systems
    • Hydrophilic and lipophilic polymeric matrix and coating materials
  • High dose extended release drug delivery systems
  • Fixed dose combinations with independent release adjustment for each API
  • Dual release systems (immediate + extended release combination)
  • Reduced food effect (robustness against intestinal forces and fluids and food / food degradation products)
  • Enteric/ colonic delivery dosage forms
  • Pulsatile drug delivery


  • Microparticles
  • Implants
  • Biodegradable polymeric and lipidic carriers

Specialized drug delivery techniques

  • Paediatric dosage forms (multiparticulates, taste masking)
  • Fast disintegrating oral DDS (tablets, lyophilized products)
  • Delivery of unstable drugs
  • Delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs
  • Microencapsulated products

Classical pharmaceutical dosage forms

  • Solid oral dosage forms
    • Granules, Pellets, Tablets and Capsules
  • Coating systems (Aqueous- and solvent-based)
    • Modified release, Taste masking and Moisture protection
  • Liquid and semisolid formulations
    • Aqueous and oily solutions / suspensions and gels