Pharmaceutical services

Contract Formulation and Analytics

Pensatech Pharma is an innovative contract drug research and development company with a comprehensive suite of classical and innovative dosage form technologies. We focus on designing and developing dosage forms for new and existing APIs that meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our customers include leading global pharmaceutical companies as well as medium-sized and small or virtual companies.

Let’s discuss how Pensatech Pharma can help your company

    Wide range of drug delivery technologies

    Various Services for different Product Development Steps

    What sets us apart is the combination of solid scientific understanding and broad expertise in developing challenging drugs across a wide range of different drug delivery technologies. Consequently, we can offer our customers rapid development time-lines based on experience and internal data-sets.


    Pre-formulation services that form the basis of the formulation and process development program

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    Formulation & Process Development

    Tailored formulation and process development program using a broad range of capabilities

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    Analytical Development

    Wide range of analytical services to support your drug substance, excipients and drug products testing requirements

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    Stability Studies

    Comprehensive compendial testing capabilities for a wide range of dosage forms to assess your API or drug product

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    Other Services

    Variety of additional services to successfully support our costumers with their drug development projects

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    About us

    Pensatech Pharma is an innovative service provider for research and development of classical and innovative pharmaceutical dosage forms and located in Berlin/ Germany.

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    We integrate formulation, process and analytical development to deliver projects rapidly and with high flexibility to customers’ specific needs. We also know that every challenge is unique so contact us to discuss how our formulation and development capabilities together with our know-how could help you.

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    Pensatech Pharma can help its customers with the following expertise

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