Pharmaceutical Sciences

Formulation and Analytical Development Solutions

Pensatech Pharma is a knowledge driven contract drug research and development company with a comprehensive suite of known and innovative dosage form technologies. We focus on designing, developing and advancing dosage forms for new and existing drugs addressing the specific needs and requirements of our customers.
We support our customers from leading pharmaceutical companies, medium-sized and small or virtual companies to enhance their product portfolio with innovative, patient-centered products.

Pensatech Pharma provide solutions to customer challenges with its expertise:

  • Wide range of formulation and drug delivery technologies
  • Development of specialised and tailor-made dosage forms
  • Comprehensive scaling-up and commercial manufacturing programs
  • Innovative product concepts for enhanced drug product
  • Driven by science & technology not by a business model
Wide range of drug delivery technologies

Expertise Covering the Different Product Development Steps

What sets us apart is the combination of an in-depth scientific knowledge and long-standing expertise in developing challenging drugs across a wide range of different drug delivery technologies from the idea stage to the market. Our customers benefit from our experience and internal data-sets by problem solving and rapid development time-lines.


Preformulation research provides the critical data sets to design the most appropriate formulation and process development program

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Formulation & Process Development

Applying science and data to the design and selection of tailored formulation and process development through to commercial manufacturing

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Analytical Development

Assure product performance through valid analytical methods for drug substance, excipients and drug products testing at all stages of development and manufacturing

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Stability Studies

Comprehensive stability test capabilities for all dosage forms to assess API, excipients or drug product for research and regulatory purposes

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GMP Quality Control & Batch Certification

Analytical test programs meeting regulatory standards, cGMP and ICH guidelines

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Other Services

Variety of additional expertise to successfully support the design, selection, development, risk evaluation, freedom to operate or technology transfer of drug development projects

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About Us

Pensatech Pharma is a specialised contract R&D partner for advanced drug delivery of tailor made and innovative pharmaceutical dosage forms, located in Berlin, Germany.

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Formulation Technologies

We integrate formulation, process and analytical development to deliver drug delivery solutions rapidly and with high flexibility to specific customer requirements. We consider every challenge unique to which we apply our formulation and development know-how and capabilities to provide our customers with true solutions.

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Dr. Luisa Duque

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