Developing Challeging Formulations with Highly Potent APIs in our Facility in Berlin-Adlershof

The development of products with highly potent APIs demands specific containment areas and exclusive safety handling procedures. Moreover, these products are usually low-dose formulations that require particular formulation skills and knowledge to guarantee dosing reproducibility.

Our facility in Adlershof is well equipped to safely handle highly potent APIs and cytotoxic drugs. Additionally, our long experience in the development of challenging drug substances into oral and parenteral dosage forms, enables us to work efficiently with highly potent formulations. Including formulation, process and analytical development for these specific compounds, we provide full formulation and dosage form development meeting the customer’s requirements in terms of product performance and commercial manufacturing.

Our capabilities in the field of highly potent APIs and cytotoxics include:

  • Well equipped facility in Berlin-Adlershof
  • Long experience in developing high potent and cytotoxic drug substances
  • Solid solutions and dispersions to mitigate contamination risk
  • Fulfilling the specific manufacturing requirements of cytotoxic and high potent drugs

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